Effective Pest Control Preparation in Windsor, Kingsville, Essex, and Kent County

A complete bedbug removal is important to ensure that there is not a single bug alive in your house to re-establish the bedbug colony. To this end, Larry SAPC encourages you to ensure that you prepare your home before our visit and leave the rest to our professional exterminators!

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Pest Control Treatment Prep to Follow in Windsor, Kingsville, Essex, and Kent County

Worried about how you should prepare for pest control? Larry SAPC helps you with pest control treatment prep in Windsor and its surrounding areas, as well as Kingsville, Essex County, Chatham-Kent Leamington, and Kent County. Instead of using ineffective methods like bug bombs or poison spraying, we use heat treatment to exterminate the bedbugs in your home permanently.

Treatment Prep

Preparing well and in advance is essential to get the most out of your pest extermination service. Follow our treatment prep guidelines before the treatment to help us completely eradicate bedbugs once and for all from your home or commercial facility.

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Pre-Treatment Declutter


Pests hide and thrive in the cluttered spaces of your property. Hence, preparation should start with a thorough clean-up! All garbage and litter boxes should be thrown out before our bedbug exterminators arrive. Additionally, prior to the day of treatment, put out all the vacuum cleaners in your house or facility so that we can give special attention to them as well. The reason is that the vacuums may have cleaned up bedbugs before and may have been infested as well.

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Post-Treatment Cleaning

After the heat treatment is done, continue to follow the treatment guidelines you followed prior to the treatment and keep your property free of clutter. When you get back home after the treatment, make sure to remove your shoes and wash the clothes you are wearing in hot water. Dry both your shoes and clothes at the highest possible temperature. Bagged clothes and sheets from the treatment prep should be treated the same way.

Why Heat Treatment?

Whether you are an individual with bedbugs in your home or business, heat treatment is an effective and eco-friendly way to get rid of bedbugs permanently. In fact, it is also a popular solution for eliminating allergies caused by bedbugs. With temperatures rising up to 140 degrees and even higher, not only are the bedbugs cleared out, but even the eggs are eradicated. 


With the eco-friendly heat treatment, the heat penetrates through floors, walls, furniture, and other items where the infestation may occur and destroy the colonies. This comprehensive method of keeping your home or business facility heated for 6 to 8 hours makes sure that the bedbug infestation dies down for good.

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Complete House Treatment


Protect your family or staff from our effective, non-toxic, safe, and eco-friendly bedbug control solution. Our complete house treatment involves treating every nook of your property, from the basement to the attic. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to attend to your service request, and endeavour to complete every job in the shortest time possible.

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Localized Room Treatment

Do you suspect bedbugs scurrying behind your wallpaper? Spotting even a few bedbugs warrants a quick investigation of your entire property. If you notice that your bedbug problem is not widespread and has only infested a particular room or region, we can also provide localized treatment. Hiring pest control service early means saving a lot of money and hassle on your bedbug problem!

How To Look For Bedbugs?

View our inspection guidelines to perform a quick inspection of your home!

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