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Proper detection is an important step towards successful bedbug extermination. In fact, getting pest control treatment when there is low-level bug activity is a money-saving deal! At Larry SAPC, we provide thorough bedbug inspection services and utilize our well-trained canine bedbug inspector to ensure that you receive quality service!

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Proper Bedbug Inspection for Successful Extermination

Larry SAPC conducts thorough pest control inspections on all commercial and residential properties. We have the knowledge and skills required to efficiently identify the marks of bedbug activity in your property. An accurate inspection allows us to tailor an efficient bedbug extermination plan to resolve your pest infestation problem. Although you may think that inspection is not required as you can identify bedbugs yourself, you may not be aware of all their secret hiding spots. Our inspectors and bedbug dog, Harley, at Larry SAPC, are particularly trained in bedbug inspections. With us, you can rest assured that your bedbug problems will be assessed and treated completely.

Notice The Red flags

  • Waking up with rash-like itchy bumps or welts on your skin that apparently have no other reason.

  • Finding bedbug carcasses or even live bedbugs on your bed, near baseboards, or anywhere else.

  • Discovering that your neighbour, relative, or friend has had a serious bedbug infestation of late.

Take Steps to Check for Bedbugs


Bedbugs are quite sneaky, and once they are in your property, bedbugs can become a serious threat to your happy life. Bedbugs do not stay put and can spread in your property quickly, becoming a major cause of anxiety for you! If you ignore a bedbug problem and allow it to thrive, they will multiply exponentially and make it more difficult and costlier to control the infestation.

A Basic Visual Bedbug Inspection


If you are not really sure of whether or not you have a bedbug infestation, you can do a quick inspection yourself. You will need a flashlight, a small spray bottle, magnifying glass, and latex gloves for this do-it-yourself assessment. Now put on your gloves to get started! Begin from common dark, sheltered, and secluded spots that are also close to your sleeping area as bedbugs exclusively feed on mammalian blood.

  • Using your flashlight, carefully check every surface near furniture that you use often.

  • Closely scrutinize cracks, crevices, corners, folds, and seams.

  • Also, you should disassemble the furniture where possible. Flip over mattresses, box springs, bed frames, headboards, couches and other furniture, as well as curtains, or anything within 4 feet of your sitting areas to check spots that are otherwise inaccessible.

What to Look for During Your Inspection

bed bug droppings

Fecal Spots


Bedbugs leave behind droppings, which are a clear indication of pest activity. On a soft surface,   these round-shaped fecal spots can look like marks made using a fabric marker, whereas they appear as dark, rusty-brown dots on hard surfaces. Upon wetting these fecal spots with a spray bottle, you will notice that they turn into a smear mark.

bedbug on white floor

Baby Bedbugs


Bedbugs who have just popped out of their eggs and are in the process of maturing are called nymphs. Unlike fully matured bedbugs that are dark in colour, nymphs are quite small (about the size of a grain) with a light coloured casing. Nymph bites do not leave a large bump but a small red dot on your skin.

bedbug on a skin

Cast Skins

Bedbugs discard their skin several times as they grow. Their wispy exoskeleton casing can be identified by its light tan or translucent colour. Bedbugs also leave nymphal skin behind as they move through the five stages of maturing.

top view of adult bedbugs

Living Adult Bedbugs

An adult bedbug is usually similar to the size, shape, and colour of an apple seed, being somewhere between mahogany or brown in colour. They change colour to darker shades with each stage of their life. Their body has only one pair of antenna and wind pads. Bedbugs are prolific breeders and do not take long to multiply and spread on a property in several colonies.

Spot A Bug Or Two?

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