Important Information About Bedbug Bites

Do you have swollen, itchy bumps, but cannot think of any plausible explanation? Chances are that they are a sign of bedbug infestation in your property. Sleep Again Pest Control can help you know for sure whether you should be worried about bugs in Windsor and its surrounding areas, as well as Kingsville, Essex County, Chatham-Kent Leamington, and Kent County.

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Are Bedbug Bites Dangerous to Health?

Bedbugs are small insects that feed on mammalian blood and can feed on both humans and pets. Since bedbugs stay in hiding and can pick up on our activities, they only emerge when it is dark, and everyone is asleep. This allows the bedbugs to roam unnoticed on your property. Bedbug bites are itchy and can be a nuisance, but they are not dangerous. In most cases, bedbug bites can leave behind swollen and mildly painful welts, while their size and the level of itchiness can vary from person to person. 

Key Facts You Should Be Aware of About Bedbugs

  • The red bumps that occur on the skin bitten by a bedbug are not symptomatic of any disease. In most cases, it is an allergic skin reaction to bug saliva - both the anticoagulant agent and anesthetic saliva - released into the skin as the bedbug draws blood. These red bumps can last for a couple of days after a bedbug attack.

  • In some rare cases, the redness and itching may persist, which is usually aggravated due to constant scratching. Hence, you must fight the urge to scratch the affected area or consult a dermatologist for bedbug bite treatment.

  • Bedbug bites are quite distinct in their appearance. They may look slightly similar to mosquito bites, but the big size of the bump is a telltale sign of a bedbug attack.

  • In case you can notice bedbug droppings or their cast skins but do not have apparent signs of bedbug bites, do not think that there are no bedbugs in your home. It is likely that you are one of the 30% of the people whose skin does not show visible marks after a bedbug bite. Such non-symptomatic individuals have to be more vigilant about a bedbug infestation on their property.

Can You Be Sure That It Is a Bedbug From the Bite Mark?


Just because you have red, itchy skin bumps, it does not mean that there is a bedbug colony thriving on your property. If you find bite marks only around your ankle or spot an insect that has wings - chances are that it is not a bedbug, but some other critter. The reason behind this is that bedbugs do not usually bite on the ankle or have wings! Even an experienced dermatologist may not be able to identify the insect just by looking at its bite mark.

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When you are unsure or skeptical of a bedbug problem in your home or office, trust Larry SAPC for professional assistance in Windsor and its surrounding areas, as well as Kingsville, Essex County, Chatham-Kent Leamington, and Kent County. Under the leadership of Larry, the owner, we are proud of having built our reputation through word of mouth over the past 10 years in Windsor and its surrounding areas, as well as Kingsville, Essex County, Chatham-Kent Leamington, and Kent County. We use safe, environmentally-friendly pest control services and effective heat treatment options, which allow you to quickly resume your life or operations after the treatment.


No matter when you require our pest control services, we assure quick eradication services to all our commercial and residential customers. With our extensive bedbug knowledge and valuable resources, we not only help you eliminate bedbugs from your home but also guide you on how you can prevent them from attacking in the future!

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